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John Greer student Waylon Lee (left), standing with his teacher Michelle White (right), recently won the Vermilion County DARE essay contest.Photo contributed


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Like all other essays, Dare Essays require the creation of an essay outline. An outline helps in keeping you on the right path when you start writing your essay. An outline is also very useful as it helps your essay to flow logically and sees to it that your paragraphs flow into each other in a sensible manner. You can create an essay outline on a rough piece of paper that you can refer to as you write.

5th grade dare essay winners Source:

When you write your DARE Essay, concentrate fully on your essay writing. Make sure there are no distractions. Sit by yourself in a quiet environment, perhaps in your room. Turn off the TV, radio or whatever else is playing and only then begin to write. Your essay must contain a title, an introduction that explains your main idea, a number of paragraphs that support your main idea and a strong concluding paragraph. Your essay conclusion must summarize your entire essay and must clearly let your readers understand the message that you are making through your essay. Writing this kind of essay requires a great amount of introspection. It is a very personal essay so don’t rush it; take your time, think long and hard about what you would like to share and then begin writing.

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DARE is an abbreviation for Drug Abuse Resistance Education , it is all about keeping youngsters away from drugs, DARE classes basically teaches you how Drugs can devastate your lives.

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Another aspect to the popular program is the curriculum. This is a part of DARE that can be written on to some extent. Writing a DARE essay will be much easier by incorporating the various factors of the the educational activities. It helps children to make good decisions as well as providing strong and healthy strategies for youth today.

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DARE essay is usually very personal as it contains examples from our lives so it will need more of your attention and feelings. Also by following the above guideline, your good grades are guaranteed.