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Dean's Scholars are those outstanding third-year students chosen by the Dean to work as teaching assistants. They conduct weekly academic support classes for first-year students that focus on legal analysis and exam preparation. In addition to offering weekly study sessions, Dean's Scholars hold weekly office hours. During this time, the Dean's Scholar is available for individual mentoring and study skills assistance. Dean's Scholars also administer and critique sample exam questions throughout the semester as well as one full practice exam at the end of the semester.

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Writers@Work brings Fredonia alumni with a variety of educational backgrounds, careers, and accomplishments back to campus for a series of events. Over a two- or three-day period, writers-in-residence may give craft talks, speak on a panel, lead workshops, critique sample writing, or participate in Q&A forums. Students, faculty, and community members are provided with opportunities to interact with and learn from each writer’s unique skill set and experiences.

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Dissertation critique samples are prepared by academicians with the aim of assisting students in their work. The critic focuses on such areas as faithfulness to the topic, formatting, presentation of ideas, coherence of argument and how compelling the work or paper turns out to be. A sample critique gives you the format to use and how to guarantee credibility of your assertions through citation and reference to other works.

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