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"After spending 34 years as a college professor, I decided it was time to challenge myself to a completely different form of writing and enrolled in Pamela Mencher’s course for playwrights. With an excellent teacher and capable and interesting students in the class, I gradually began to grasp the importance of character, dialogue, plot, dramatic conflict, my writing style changed and it was very rewarding to have others in class read my words and critique my writing skills. I finished several plays, one (Gringophobia) that was produced twice in Colorado, once at RRCC and as a winner in the annual Westcliffe competition several years later. I would never have attempted such projects without the enjoyment and skills learned while taking my post-retirement class at Red Rocks Community College."

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Amy writes: 'I let my application for the MA decide whether I would return to New Zealand to live. I got in, moved back, and everything changed. For most people – I was one – there's discomfort in going public for the first time. Having the group critique my writing was always a nervy experience, but it was important to know the difference between what I'd intended to convey and what had landed on the page. Reading and critiquing work from the others in the group was just as helpful. I got better at seeing the spine of a story and being able to lift it away from the flesh.

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Writing quickly and editing slowly is the one tool I feel is my secret weapon. While I see graduate students, professors, and other writers talk about writer’s block, I know that when I start a new manuscript or grant and I’m looking at a blank page, it will not be blank for long. I do not struggle with writer’s block because I generate words quickly without trying to edit (or critique my writing) at the same time. I am able to write freely, knowing that I will edit my text at a different time.

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But the most important thing is to network and find three or four writers who can meet regularly and become a critique group for your writing. Of everything I do, my fellow writers who critique my writing every other week has been the biggest source of inspiration and encouragement. They understand why I write far better than my own family and friends do.
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I always loved writing, and as a child I wrote some cool stories and some very random poems. (But no, I am not posting that unicorn poem I wrote when I was five. You will just have to imagine it.) But it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I actually had someone truly critique my writing. My English teacher, Lynn Krumvieda, would write dozens of notes on a single paragraph. It was a wake-up call that there was so I needed to learn about writing, and yet also amazing to see myself transform as a writer.

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But getting past that. It took time. But eventually once I tackled my fear of allowing others to critique my writings, I realized I could do other things I was afraid of doing.

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So the next fear I tackled was allowing the public to critique my writing. Thus, I began writing for other websites, fan fiction, and Writer Digest forums. At the beginning, I was heavily discouraged to continue going because as we all know, the online world is a brutal game to be in.