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Other topics, such as gun control and welfare, can also be used in a crime essay. For example, you can discuss whether gun control leads to lower crime rates, or socio-economic impact of prison on society.

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Fear of Crime Essay - IELTS Buddy

Please Evaluate and point out mistakes in my crime essay.

Some people who have been in prison become good citizens later, and it is often argued that these are the best people to talk to teenagers about the dangers of committing a crime.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that crime rates have dramatically increased over the last few years. Some criminals managed themselves well while they stayed in prison. One of the reasons is that they have seen the problems and sacrifices they have to make. Some people argue that these are the best people to create awareness about crimes in teenagers. However, others state that a person with a criminal background will not a leave good impression on people's minds.

Firstly, it is the duty of governments and the people to identify the aspects of crimes in teenagers. After that, there should be workshops and seminars which highlight the consequences of committing crimes. It is also the responsibility of parents and guardians to have an eye on their children's activities. With little effort, one can stop many criminal activities in the surroundings.

Secondly, people who were the part of immoral doings become good citizens after prison so could help teenager in eradicating this sin. They have personally experienced all the suffering they have to go through after their crime. They know the possible reason, why and how youngsters are involved in such cruel doings. Their worlds would leave undeniable impressions on people's minds and will help to eliminate crime from the society.

To conclude, I strongly believe that once a criminal, not always a criminal. If one has regret about his past and has changed himself, one should be treated like a normal human being. Furthermore, they could help teenagers from crime while telling them about their sacrifices of time, health and family.