Thus, you have an assignment to write a college narrative essay.

You may describe in your college narrative essay a particularly meaningful achievement in your life. For instance, you may talk about entering the best school or high achievements in sports in your college narrative essay.

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The following experiences may become a subject for your college narrative essay:


College narrative essays may be devoted to good or bad deeds. Remember about that time when you could not stand up for yourself or your friend due to certain circumstances. When writing about a good deed in the college narrative essay, do not boast, otherwise, you will fail to win the reader.

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College narrative essays should tell the story of something. For example, you may be asked to write narrative essay about the event from your life. Alternatively, English essay writing might require you to write a continuation of the story.

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Think about such case when you did not show yourself as good as you wished. If you decide to tell about a failure in your college narrative essay, focus on the lesson you withdrawn from that case. Or, maybe, this gave you a push to self-improvement.

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If you have troubles choosing issues to tell about in your college narrative essay, look through the prompts presented below.

They may help you recollect an exciting or significant experience of yours to focus on.

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