Tips for Working on a College Group Project

Is there any way to make the college group project experience more similar to the real working world? I think it’s difficult to duplicate in an educational setting where the stakes are lower—which is why experience is so important.

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Tips for Working on College Group Projects

Document collaborating (team editing) in real time gives us even more reason to use Microsoft Cloud storages. This functionality is a must for everything from college group projects to corporate presentations. Here’s a brief demo:

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I was really hoping that in college group projects would be different. I mean we're all paying to be there, so theoretically we all want to be there, right? We don't have to worry about meeting up outside of class when we all live on campus so we don't have to worry about rides and curfews. Also, we cared enough to put the effort to get into college, so of course we will all care enough to put in plenty of effort and use teamwork skills to make this big project that counts for 25% of our grade fantastic and easy.

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Excellent point – and one that needed to be said. With this rampant focus on crowdsourcing happening, everybody has a say but nobody’s doing anything. It reminds me of college group projects. Everything was done diplomatically, but until someone stepped in took control – nothing got done.

It is a good option for school and college group projects

In college group projects are not so fun

I was really hoping that in college group projects would be different

Are you trying to figure out your role for college group projects