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Navigating the college admissions process can seem complex for students and families. To facilitate a smooth passage, we pair each student with a highly experienced college counselor, a personal guide who will work closely with the student and family. Through this partnership we are able to tailor the college process to the specific needs, abilities, and interests of each student.

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The College Counseling Curriculum

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The entire College Office staff welcomes you to the College Guidance section of this website. In these pages, you will be introduced to our philosophy of college guidance, the tremendous professionals that comprise the College Office, and the outstanding colleges and universities to which our graduates matriculate.

It has long been said that much of college guidance is about relationships—between student and counselor, between school and college, between counselor and parent. While we pride ourselves on these relationships and continue to view them as elemental to our roles, we also know that a vibrant and dynamic college counseling program encompasses much more.

We have a curriculum which is to equip students with the knowledge, self-awareness and decision-making skills to make appropriate, informed choices about their educational futures. Because of these programs, the transformational education that SANY Schools provide, the talent of our student body, and our individualized attention, SANY Schools students thrive in the college selection process and beyond.

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Those of us who work in the college counseling program look forward to assisting you throughout your college planning process. Group meetings of several types commence at the beginning of the junior year, and at the midpoint of that year, each student will be assigned an individual college counselor. Dick Tobin and Kevin Brown, the college counselors, will be there not to dictate what you should do, but instead to help you recognize your strengths, explore your educational goals, conduct effective college searches, complete your applications, and decide where you will matriculate. As the college counseling assistant, Stephanie James will expedite every aspect of the application process, from supplying transcripts to ensuring that you click the appropriate boxes your applications. The overall process can carry a certain degree of stress, for both students and parents, since it’s about your future. But in its best and most appropriate form, this stress should be made up of a healthy mixture of excitement and anticipation about the opportunities which lie ahead. We are here to answer questions, offer advice, listen, review your materials with you, help you to surmount challenges, and to be your advocates throughout. We strive to help make this process educationally relevant, reflective, and fulfilling.

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We hope that this website will aid you in the college admission process. The site is full of answers to frequently asked questions and serves as a great introduction and addition to our services. Click on any of the links at left to explore College Counseling at Bullis. Information will be updated frequently, so make sure to bookmark us.

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Robin S. Groelle has developed this web site to assist college bound students and their parents with the transition from high school to college. Ms. Groelle has a Master’s Degree in Counseling with over twenty years of experience working in college admissions and directing College Counseling programs in schools in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. She has personally assisted over 1,000 students with their journey from high school to college. Her counselees have been accepted to in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and the Caribbean. Her background with international, boarding, and students with learning differences enables her to personalize her work to the individual needs of students and their families. Although many of these students have attended some of the most selective institutions in the U.S. (including all of the Ivy League), her focus is matching each student’s attributes, interests, and goals with the learning and living environment of the colleges.

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CCES collegecounselors serve as resources, guides, and advisors to students as they maneuverthrough the sometimes-complex college process. They work closely with students to guide them through the initial stagesof assessing individual needs and goals and in conducting thorough collegeresearch, they guide seniors through the college application process, and theyultimately see students through to the moment in which they select their newcollege homes.