Division and Classification Essay

Classification essays, like division essays, break a topic into subtopics -- with a difference. Instead of simply dividing a topic into groups, a classification essay rates or ranks the groups according to a common standard. Homicide, for instance, is classified as first, second, and third degree murder according to circumstances and intent. Burns are classified as first, second, or third degree depending on tissue damage.

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You could use these ideas/topics for your classification essay

First of all it's important to understand exactly what we mean by a classification essay. Another good name for this type of essay is Division or Category essay. The idea being that you write about a series of things or people or events but place them in classifications or divisions or categories.

Perhaps it’s best to have this example of a Classification Essay:

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into categories for the purpose of analysis. Often the most useful classification essay will take disparate elements, things don't seem to go together, and show patterns of connectedness that the reader would not have guessed were there. Many scientific treatises are classifications; it often seems that all of biology is a huge endeavor to make sure all living things fit into some neat category. Writing a successful classification essay will challenge your ingenuity in seeing connections between things.The following essay is really a combination of a and a Classification Essay. It was written by Ima Ersatz, a former community college student who went on to become a community college instructor. She kindly gives us permission to reprint this essay.The order of our categories is perhaps most important. Do we work toward the most important, the most telling category, the one that will make our major point for us, or do we start with that one and fill in the rest of the picture? The answer to that question will vary from essay to essay. One of the huge advantages of using a word processor is that you can experiment with the placement of categories and see which works best for you. Once you have written your classification essay, you can try a different paragraph order and try both orders on friends. Without telling them which one you prefer, elicit their opinion. (And while they're at it, they can look for other loose ends in your writing! See .)The classification essay organizes supporting details into three or more groups with each group having its own identifying characteristics. For this reason, classification essays rely heavily on description and example as supporting details or evidence, description providing the means for identifying distinguishing characteristics and examples illustrating the members of each class. Classification essays may also use short narratives or anecdotes as evidence to support or illustrate a class.
The structure of a classification essay is built around the construction of the categories.

This is a short example of how a classification essay should look.

Generally, classification essay should match some theory or concept. In particular, this fact demonstrates on what basis your classification is built. It can be said that the whole essay should be based on this principle. Moreover, it is essential to include useful and effective examples that will match to each of the categories of the classification essay. Every category should contain several examples.

A classification essay presents a categorized description of things, people, places, etc.

When writing a classification essay, be sure to:

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If classification essay sample is, for example, on topic sports then it would look like this

To organize a classification essay, the writer should:

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