Therefore, it is my suggestion that you visualize your in-person presentation, or “pitch;” write out a script, and use that as the outline for your business plan executive summary. Then you can write your business plan from your summary outline.


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Contrary to popular belief, a business plan Executive Summary is NOT a condensed version of your business plan. It is a concise presentation of your . It's primary purpose is to "sell" your business idea to an investor so they will want to see more of your plans.

The Business Plan and Executive Summary

However, not every new entrepreneur needs to write a business plan executive summary. The sole proprietor in scenario no. 1—the “Simple Business Plan”—does not need to write one because no one else will ever see their business plan.

For more information on using your business plan executive summary to help finance you business, read the other reports in the  module.

What do you do with your business plan executive summary once it is completed? First of all, it is the first section of your formal business plan—which you want to complete before you start circulating your executive summary. You never want to tell a prospective investor you can’t show them your business plan because it is not completed. In essence, your Business Plan Executive Summary must detail using easy to understand language the business’s Unique Value Proposition – the unique value provided to customers such that you stand out from competitors in the market.
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When networking, both formally and informally, you should leave copies with anyone you believe could introduce you to a prospective investor. Never leave home without a couple of copies of your business plan executive summary in your pocket.

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Business Plan Executive Summary

In this final area of the nonprofit business plan executive summary, include anything else that you think is necessary to give the reader a good 30,000 ft. view of what you're trying to accomplish. This may be a summary of other sections in the nonprofit business plan, or it may be something entirely different. Ask yourself, "What would I quickly want to know if I was interested in helping this nonprofit?" Answer that question, and you're on your way to finishing this section.

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O.K., that is about it for your business plan executive summary. Simple: right? —wrong! Writing this document is no easy task, because much information needs to be presented in a very short document—some say a maximum of one page. I usually suggest two, but never more than three, pages.