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Susannah Ziehe, Board Member ex officio, spouse of IBE's venerable founder Helmut Ziehe. Susannah's involvement in IBE began in 1998 when she studied the Mini Course, which subsequently evolved into IBE101, Natural Healthy Buildings, under Helmut’s tutelage. Reconnecting with Helmut led to her relocation from Seattle to Florida in 2000, their marriage, and her work in the administration of the Building Biology study programs and seminars. Susannah recalls that one of her first projects was revamping the IBE website to accommodate the new Building Biology Online Study Program. Assisting Helmut realize his dream of seeing Building Biology courses online was an exciting time.

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This accredited biology course online is offered by Saylor. This course explains how changes that have occurred over millions of years in the earth.

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If you want to train to become a marine biologist or ocean scientist, you will need to take several specialized marine biology courses to fulfill your education requirements. Many accredited colleges and universities offer degree programs in marine biology, ocean science and related fields, and some offer a series of marine biology courses online. These courses provide advanced training in the areas of mammology, ocean systems, fishery biology and other subjects. Most of the schools offering marine biology courses and degree programs are located in coastal states so that students have a chance to work in the ocean and participate in fieldwork projects.

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Does anyone know of any schools that offer cell biology courses online in spring 2016

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Online marine biologist course options are available through some accredited colleges and universities, but taking online courses alone will not enable a student to fulfill their educational requirements. Many students completing marine biology courses online will still need to complete training in a classroom or lab setting because they need to perform experiments, work with computer modeling programs, and conduct tests in a lab environment. A good portion of the marine biologist degree program involves working in the field under the supervision of trained marine biologists and oceanographers.

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This marine biology courses online is offered by TUFTS OpenCourseWare. This course is designed for healthcare professionals. This course mainly focuses on the engineering components involved behind the provision of safe water and sanitation.

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