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A list of the most useful tips and the most common sources of errors. While there is some degree of variation in the styles in whichdifferent journals set their bibliographies, there are a numbergenerally accepted stylistic conventions for bibliographies inresearch level mathematical writing that authorsshould try to follow. Manual formatting of bibliographies is accomplished with the environment, using to set an individual reference. The command is a variation of the command, and its syntax is similar. Here is an example illustrating the formatting of four different typesof bibliography entries:an ordinary journal article (Knuth), a book (Graham/Knuth/Patashnik),an article published in a conference proceedings (Erdos), and anunpublished paper (Simpson):Some points to note:The basic philosophy underlying LaTeX is that of separating "logical formatting" from "visual formatting". Authors should only be concerned with the former and not have to worryabout the latter. LaTeX makes this possible by allowing authors tospecify document elements with logical constructs such as etc., while the appearance of these items in the typeset documentis determined by the document class.

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The bibliographical search engine was written by of the Pennsylvania SumerianDictionary Project at the University of Pennsylvania, and implemented with theaid of the University of Oxford's . Itsearches an XML version of the for letters, words, and phrases.

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The ALZET Bibliography now contains over 14,500 publications that show the successful use of ALZET pumps in multiple research areas. Fill in the boxes bellow with your specific research interests, and we will provide you with a custom bibliography search.

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