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The best college admissions essays are about topics that are sincerely important to the writer, says Christine Pluta ’91, director of college counseling at Lycée Français de New York. We’ve excerpted a couple of the memorable essays written by members of the newest class of Mawrters.

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Best College Admissions Essay Volunteering..

Beware! There are several surefire ways for your essay to head straight to the "no" pile. Usually when an essay is overdone or unoriginal, an admissions officer won't even make it through the first page. "Never start or close the essay with a quotation or aphorism [adage]," says Mark Allen Stewart, author of Best College Admissions Essays (Peterson's, 2002). "Try something original, and use your own ideas."

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Summary: Join Gabrielle Glancy, author of The Art of the College Essay and editor of Best College Admissions Essays 2014, as well as three student college essay writers in this episode of NWP Radio. Hear some award winning college essays, interviews with their authors, and a conversation with Glancy about her work with young people in the college admissions process.

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And we all know how the best college admissions essays include your real-life stories, right

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The best college admissions essays are often responses to this very prompt

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