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My favourite is "Aristotle Essay" because of its innovative and inspired structure; the form of "Cleavings" is very appropiate to contrast different texts; "Earth Orbit" is the platonic dialogue incarnated; and "Habermas Pyramid" would be specially useful for students to prepare an examination or a paper.

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Aristotle Essay presents a complex argument from Aristotle, ordered in the "mixed form" described in the main essay. Some writing spaces contain entire short logical arguments, from premises to conclusions. Other spaces expand on individual statements, providing backing, illustration, or alternate perspectives -sometimes with logical structures of their own."

Three Schools of Thought: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Essay

is made of five separate essays varying in length and purpose. The essay called "Socrates in the Labyrinth" carries the weight of Kolb´s arguments and answers directly to the question we asked above. The other four essays: "Habermas Pyramid", "Earth Orbit", "Cleavings" and "Aristotle Essay" "explore -and embody- different hypertextual forms that argumentative or philosophical writing might take".

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Aristotle essay. ARISTOTLE Aristotle is considered one of the greatest minds of classical Greece. Dante even proclaimed him "the master of those who know.

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