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Cover the answer to math problems, history questions and more with a colored pen trace or shape. You can then reveal the answer by using an eraser tool, . It's an elegant way to add a touch of excitement to the usual question and answer session.

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Review expectations with the tutee. Let your student know that you will not do their homework or give them the answer to math problems. Ask the tutee what they expect from the sessions - do they want an "A" in the class? Do they want to learn study skills? Do they want strategies for taking tests? Be realistic with your tutee about expected results. If the student did not ask for help until the end of the quarter there is probably little you can do to help them pass the class. If the student is in a class for which they have not met the perquisites, tutoring may not help. Let the tutee know that you don't have all the answers. You are not an expert, you are there to help the student find the answers. Tell your tutee that you expect them to be prepared for each session - which means they will have pencil, pen, paper, book read and homework done. Be sure they bring their textbook, syllabus, class notes, assignments, and past tests to the session. Lack of class attendance on the part of the tutee negates the tutor contract.

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These standards are the result of a collaborative, state-led initiative to prepare students for college and career success. With its focus on critical thinking, analytical writing and real-world applications, students are engaging with material on a much deeper level than required under the state’s former learning standards. Students are encouraged to explain how they arrived at the answer to math problems and reading comprehension questions, a challenge for even the brightest students.

“Pfft...I’m a ‘big picture’ kind of guy. The answer to math problems is a ‘detail’ issue that is better left up to Topic Sentence.”
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He pushes for the education of our children which not only distorts our history, but dumbs down the basic skills of the three R's – reading, writing and 'rithmetic, by steering them away from a speedier answer to math problems, bogging down students, demanding time-consuming roundabout ways to solve the problem which prevents the efficiency of timely solutions, actually killing math skills.

Cover the answer to math problems, history questions and more with a colored pen trace or shape

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Then in the advanced math classes, Maya doesn't have to learn the right answer to math problems

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Some questions have actual *right* answers, amazingly enough! It could be in your world this seems odd, but there's a right and wrong answer to math problems, and it's not hard to tell if an algorithm will have the intended effects. And the interviewer will almost certainly know the 'right' answer.