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The game begins with a grid comprising 80 microchips. Several virus eggs arelocated in the grid, with one hatching immediately. The object is to enclosethe virus with robot shields so the virus cannot chew its way to the edge ofthe grid. You accomplish this by selecting a chip on the grid and thedirection in which you want the next set of three shields to be built. Then,if you successfully answer a math problem, the shields, which the virus cannotpenetrate, are placed on the grid. Once you've surrounded the virus withshields, you advance to the next level, which features more viruses andtougher math problems to solve.

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- Free Math game for kids. Challenges user to quickly answer Math problems.

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The math of handicraft was long dismissed as merely a cute trick or an inconsequential coincidence. Now, however, handicraft has begun to come into its own as a legitimate tool for mathematical research. This is especially true of knitting and crochet, which, thanks to the efforts of a new group of researchers, are now receiving a great deal of attention from the world of theoretical mathematics. Yackel and Osinga, along with Sarah-Marie Belcastro of Smith College and Daina Taimina of Cornell University, form the core of the group looking at the intersection of math and craft. Some of them are using craft to help answer math problems, while others are using math to answer knitting problems.

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Number Maze focuses on helping the user improve math skills through practice. The program consists of a series of mazes, and obstacles. To overcome the obstacles and reach the castle at the end of the maze, the user must correctly answer math problems. These problems include both drill-style calculations and word problems. The word problems incorporate a neat kid-pleasing feature; the ability to incorporate your names and the names of your child’s friends! (The Mac version also provides a very useful, but mechanical-sounding, text-to-speech capability that makes the program usable by non-readers.)

In order to kick the ball and score points, you first have to answer math problems correctly.
Monday the students will work on . The students will work on addition in which thestudentwill have to answer math problems. Then the student enter theanswer tothe problem and hit the "swing" button. If the answer is correctthe student get a hit single, double, triple, or home run based on thedifficulty of the problem. The game is over after three outs. Canthestudent hit a homerun?15. Name the quadrant, if any, in which each point is located.

(a) (1, 6)

(b) (-4, -2)

(a) (1, 6) --------- .

(b) (-4, -2) --------- .

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PhotoMath is an app that allows you to use your mobile device to answer math problems. Simply point your camera at the equation.

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Of course, complications abound. First, because the game runs in realtime, youmust answer math problems as quickly as possible. The longer it takes you tosolve problems, the more chips the virus will chomp. Second, the virus doesn'tsit back and let you build shields without a fight. Often, when you select achip, the virus challenges you to duel successfully, then one of the virus'seggs is destroyed. Otherwise, if you lose the duel, another egg hatches,leaving you to contend with multiple viruses.

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There's no turn-taking in this one-of-a-kind, two-player game. Players both use their half of an iPad to answer math problems simultaneously and as quickly as possible. Seasonal changes around the globe bring additional challenges that will keep kids riveted.

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