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There is no one aspect deep enough to exhaust the contents of a real idea, no one term or proposition which will serve to define it; though of course one representation of it is more just and exact than another, and though when an idea is very complex, it is allowable, for the sake of convenience, to consider its distinct aspects as if separate ideas. Thus, with all our intimate knowledge of animal life and of the structure of particular animals, we have not arrived at a true definition of any one of them, but are forced to enumerate properties and accidents by way of description. Nor can we inclose in a formula that intellectual fact, or system of thought, which we call the Platonic philosophy, or that historical phenomenon of doctrine and conduct, which we call the heresy of Montanus or of Manes. Again, if Protestantism were said to lie in its theory of private judgment, and Lutheranism in its doctrine of justification, this indeed would be an approximation to the truth; but it is plain that to argue or to act as if the one or the other aspect were a sufficient account of those forms of religion severally, would be a serious mistake. Sometimes an attempt is made to determine the "leading idea," as it has been called, of Christianity, an ambitious essay as employed on a supernatural work, when, even as regards the visible creation and the inventions of man, such a task is beyond us. Thus its one idea has been said by some to be the restoration of our fallen race, by others philanthropy, by others the tidings of immortality, or the spirituality of true religious service, or the salvation of the elect, or mental liberty, or the union of the soul with God. If, indeed, it is only thereby meant to use one or other of these as a central idea for convenience, in order to group others around it, no fault can be found with such a proceeding: and in this sense I should myself call the Incarnation the central aspect of Christianity, out of which the three main aspects of its teaching take their rise, the sacramental, the hierarchical, and the ascetic. But one aspect of Revelation must not be allowed to exclude or to obscure another; and Christianity is dogmatical, devotional, practical all at once; it is esoteric and exoteric; it is indulgent and strict; it is light and dark; it is love, and it is fear.

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Issue #1 includes the "State of the Art" editorial along with poetryby Bernadette Mayer, Elizabeth Willis, Ray Ragosta, Will Alexander,Peter Gizzi, Sean Killian, Elizabeth Robinson, Keith Waldrop,Nathaniel Mackey, Rosmarie Waldrop and John Taggart. Also featured areNorma Cole's essay concerning the placement of history, power, andagency in the act of writing; Kristin Prevallet's translation of"L'ange Heurtebise" by John Cocteau; Benjamin Friedlander's ambitiousattempt to explore "the political dimensions of dreaming"; and MartaWerner's ambitious essay "'Marge of Snow': Excavations of Silence andthe Space of Literature in Emily Brontk and Emily Dickinson."

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Hello, first-time readers and, of course, the Faithful Seven. Below is my contribution to the Avant-Garde blog-a-thon, as instigated by and abetted by . This isn't exactly what I'd had in mind. I was going to post a much more ambitious essay on the legacy of flatness in Modernist painting and its application in experimental film, and in particular five works by criminally underrated / underknown artists. (For the record, they are Jim Jennings, Jeanne Liotta, Luther Price, Luis Recoder, and Scott Stark.) In fact, I even sort of have the whole piece mapped out in my brain, and I will compose it in the near future, since anything I can do, however meager, to raise the general awareness of these amazing filmmakers, I'll happily do.

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