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As we have seen, marketing tactics such as transfer, testimonial and plain folks are commonly used in modern advertisements. In associating Credit Suisse with tennis player Federer, the ad made it seem as though that Federer was a fellow team member and a definite supporter of the financial services company. Because nothing was listed about the actual company and its services, we have to presume that the advertisements effectiveness stems solely from the association with Roger Federer. Another example of the transfer tactic was the Autonomy meaning based technology ad depicting Einstein. This one page ad utilized Einstein’s credibility and value as a genius physicist to carry over onto their own product. Finally, the Siemens plain folks ad was tailored to project the notion that the company supports blue collared American industries that are being challenged by a tough economy. Siemens’ ad also utilizes the association to the average Joe by glorifying the role of American industry workers, thus epitomizing similar values.

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The Effects Of Advertising On Teens People see advertisements all around the globe that attempt to lure consumers to buy products. Advertisements are placed in newspapers, magazines, schools, and on billboards everywhere. Advertising is giving the general public information about new goods and trying to increase overall sales. It is supposed to be a significant way of getting the point across about a product and create motivation for people to buy. A well-known advertising strategy is making consumers feel insecure and creating fears that can be overcome by buying. Advertising reveals the latest fashions and the new popular novelties on the market. It exhibits perfect individuals wearing the new styles and looking good. Consumers observe this perfection and envy it. Therefore, they go out and buy in hopes of reaching perfection. Furthermore, being an accepted member of society has become very important to most individuals. For instance, the presence of body odor on individuals makes them an outcast in society. Advertisers use this knowledge to their advantage by developing ads that show a person using deodorant and being recognized as popular. Fear also works into the whole advertising process. Due to the fear by consumers that they will not fit in, they pay close attention to the new ads for the new looks, which gives advertisers more drive to make their ads portray the ideal person. Advertisers also insure that ads are simply informational, but many disagree and believe that they are definitely persuasive. According to Douglas Kellner, a professor of philosophy, as early as the 1920s, advertising critics argue that ads began to persuade Americans, due to the new invention of the assembly lines and the concept of corporations, that buying material The effects of 4 goods was the thing to do. They tried convincing people that spending hard-earned dollars on items that could be hand-made was the new accepted behavior that would enhance their lives.

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Because the design of so many of the products of the fashion, cosmetic, and beauty industries creates a "fashionable look" as a selling point, women are constantly bombarded with advertising messages that tell them to change or improve their appearance. The high-fashion models whose images sell everything from clothes to makeup, lingerie to perfume, become the cultural standards of perfection. Ads often promise or imply that through the use of the product, consumers can be more like the thin, flawless models in the ads. As consumer culture inevitably compels women to compare themselves to the hyper-thin, air-brushed icons of beauty, it is no wonder that many women, especially vulnerable teenagers, report high levels of anxiety about their appearance and body image.

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There is a TV commercial in which there is a mother with her child who has got a cut on his knees, so his mother sprays a pain- Z- gone aid spray. The ad claim that Pain-Z-gone is the best and in the next frame the boy smiles which indicates that the pain is all gone. Even if you haven’t tried the product you have got it that this is the best product. Therefore, the analysis of your advertising essays you will explain the readers that the company has drawn conclusion about the pain-z-gone spray. Some of the customers will directly go and buy that product because the ad says that the product is best.

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Finally, write the summary or concluding paragraph. It wraps up the essay into one paragraph. Check out some advertising essay examples to see how a good summary is written.

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Advertisement is an act of getting the public attention towards a product or business through paid announcement in broadcast, print or electronic media and advertisement essay based on analysis means that you are evaluating an advertisement in order to discuss how they are trying to sell a certain product.