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Universal Access and Universal Service:

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In addition, some commentators highlight other flaws in the proposed enforcement framework also caused by the prohibition against private rights of action. They argue that the option of initiating formal procedures against respondents must not be left entirely to the discretion of the Commission, particularly as the informal procedures "provide very limited protection for the complaina . . . and no apparent opportunity for participating beyond the issuance of a Commission report." In essence, such a restriction is a denial of the due process of complainants and the Commission should be required to institute such actions where requested by the complainant. This provision of the proposed rule demonstrates that private rights of action may be necessary in the future. It is evident that Congress may have sought to prevent such actions due to the fact that the courts are overly-burdened by civil rights lawsuits. However, given the informal nature of the enforcement process and the fact that industry may view accessibility as an expensive technological consideration in a world where products are constantly changing, Congress may need to amend section 255 in the future to permit the filing of such suits. At the very least, the Commission should begin the formal resolution process where requested by complainants with legitimate concerns.

Chapter IUniversal Access – Technology

Thus, the Commission should permit complainants to file complaints with the FCC without having to contact potential respondents first; FCC employees would then be responsible for forwarding the complaints to respondents, as currently required in the proposed rule. Perhaps the current hope is that requiring contact before an official complaint filing will reduce the number of complaints received by the Commission as some problems will be resolved quickly (without the Commission’s involvement) and some complainants will choose not to pursue their complaints due to frustration or other factors. Notwithstanding this interest in the efficient allocation of the Commission’s resources, the agency’s early involvement in these actions is necessary, especially as there are no private rights of action authorized pursuant to section 255. Such a system would force respondents to address accessibility complaints from the beginning, rather than using the complaint process to frustrate complainants.

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a. The User Interface Must be Accessible to All Users

Effective interaction not only includes the ability for users to send information to the user agent, but for the user agent to send information to the user as well. When a user triggers an event, whether by mouse, keyboard, or other device, he or she must receive some notification of that event. This is often done by a visual or auditory cue, but user agent developers must keep in mind that some users do not have access to that information and alternative forms of notification are necessary for effective interaction.

system, including Access, are called relational database management system.

b. The User Agent Must Render Information Accessibly

Compatibility of screen readers with different versions of applications and operating systems is difficult to maintain because screen reader manufacturers cannot foresee future software developments and many software developers are not providing accessibility features. Most DOS screen readers supported a wide variety of strategies for navigating a document based upon text blocks such as next and previous character, word, line, sentence, paragraph, and screen. Existing Windows screen readers offer a limited selection of these features, and none permit searches based upon next sentence, paragraph, or title. Many DOS screen readers provide users with the ability to change the pronunciation of a word or groups of characters, but most Windows screen readers lack pronunciation dictionaries.

is formed through a common field. Access provides numerous capabilities

D. The Future : Ensuring Everyone Access to Cyberspace

Moreover, the definition of "telecommunications equipment" is particularly important to the issue of accessibility. The Act defines "telecommunications equipment" as "equipment, other than customer premises equipment, used by the carrier to provide telecommunications services, and includes software integral to such equipment (including upgrades)." The FCC also proposes to include software integral to the use of customer premises equipment within the scope of section 255, although the statutory definition does not explicitly refer to such software. The agency has reached this definition as a result of its belief that the "focus of the section should be on functionality." Thus, it would appear that these definitions would include telecommunications hardware, as well as software such as Internet browser programs.