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The library serves as an archive for the university’s doctoral dissertations and licentiate and Master’s theses. However, Bachelor’s theses are not available at the library. An academic thesis can be published:

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APPENDIX O: Teachers’ Notes for the Advanced Academic Thesis Writing Course

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Since English remains the primary language of science and research across the globe, many academics are required to produce research in a language that is not their own. This research has been motivated by the difficulties this presents for the post-graduate students at the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU). The main aim of the study is to construct a comprehensive pedagogic corpus for such students, and to incorporate it into an advanced academic thesis writing course. To this end, a learner abstract corpus (LAC) and a target abstract corpus (TAC) were compiled respectively from work produced by post-graduate students at EMU, and from abstracts written by post-graduate students in English speaking countries. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were utilized to analyse the corpora. The comparison of the corpora exhibited extensive use of higher frequency vocabulary, a tendency to repeat similar items, and recurrent inadequacy in using appropriate collocations and lexico-grammatical patterns in the LAC. The work in the TAC, however, demonstrated the use of a wider range of lower frequency words, as well as a more varied lexico-grammatical utilization of these items. Accordingly, a pedagogic corpus was constructed. This corpus includes the Academic Abstract Corpus (AAC) Bank, which offers alternative lexico-grammatical patterns for fulfilling the required generic moves and sub-moves in abstract and thesis writing; the TAC Wordlist of 165 key words for thesis writing; the web concordances of the LAC and the TAC; and a variety of teacher-led data driven and learner-led discovery tasks as well as other diverse academic writing resources. The corpus-informed course is mounted on Moodle, a virtual learning platform founded on social constructivist principles. The study produced major conclusions regarding corpora,

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If you want to compose your academic thesis jointly with a colleague, please be aware of the following:
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whether we see this as a facilitative lingua franca or a rampaging Tyrannosaurus rex (Swales, 1997), the dominance of English has transformed the educational experiences and professional lives of countless students and academics across the planet. (Hyland, 2004a, p. ix)

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Oral defence of the thesis before week 27 (except MScIS: week 5) in the presence of the expert and the professor provided 90 credits (75 for MDE) have been obtained. The professor fixes the date of the viva in agreement with the student and the expert.

The student informs by email of the date of the viva.

The professor transmits the form "Formulaire de validation du mémoire académique" (Validation of the academic thesis) with the grade to the administration.
The student submits one bound copy graded and signed by the professor to .