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The Multigenre Project includes at least 8 documents (including an Introduction, Table of Contents, 5 documents of different genres, and a works cited page) that offer a sustained argument about your chosen issue. By creating documents in different genres (e.g., the academic research essay, editorials, feature stories, brochures, short fiction, charts, scripts, etc.), you learn to write for multiple audiences, multiple purposes, and multiple forums.

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Like all WCT modules, the overarching purpose of this module is for you to develop skills in academic writing. The main genre of writing that you learn in this module is the academic research essay; through learning this genre, you will pick up skills of analysis, argumentation, rhetorical organization, and persuasion that can be applied to writing tasks in various disciplines. Accordingly, the module emphasizes writing as a process. You will produce and revise drafts for each of the writing assignments, and thereby learn the requisite stages of the writing process: brainstorming, planning, data analysis, thesis statement formulation, initial drafting, revision after receiving criticism, and final editing. In addition, you will learn a core vocabulary for important rhetorical moves and strategies in order to be able to discuss writing, Approximately 70% of class time is devoted to teaching you how to develop questions and problems, read actively, write in a academic mode (especially argumentation), use sources according to disciplinary protocols, and use disciplinary methodologies appropriately. Through a series of sequenced assignments, you will read, respond, and question ideas generated by published writers and apply it to a data set generated by you and your classmates. This data set serves as the material about which you will formulate academic arguments and author your writing assignments. The module will deploy IT tools, esp. social media and IVLE, to enhance discussion, improve data analysis, and provide a forum for peer editing. Even as you draft your own essays, you will read and review your peers' writing. Each graded piece of writing goes through multiple drafts, and each student will engage in four formal conferences with the instructor to talk about specific aspects of your analyses, writing and argumentation.

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Working on articles for publication early on also has the further advantage of benefiting from the publishing experience of one’s supervisor. During the process of getting my first paper ready for publication, my supervisor was a great source of advice in several ways. She provided me with tips and comments regarding choosing the right part of my research to convert for publication; how to best target and select the most appropriate journal; but also to realise the different requirements of the language and style of writing in journal publications as compared to a chapter of the PhD thesis or other types of academic research essay. Adjusting the original research paper to a more concise style of writing, which focuses on the main arguments to be made in the article also helped me to further emphasise and clarify important elements of my PhD research itself. The same can be said for the comments of the anonymous referees reviewing one’s work. I have received valuable advice which helped me not only to make the relevant article better, but which also fed back into my own PhD research.

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Academic essay writing is the main form of essay writing as students are required to write a good essay at almost all academic levels and many universities also assess the progress and performance of students through these academic essays. Students have to apply all skills required for an effective essay along with other essay paper writing skills such as appropriate citation and referencing by implementing a specific reference style. Academic essays are usually based on a specific essay topic or essay question which assigned by the course instructor or teacher to individual students. Although academic essay writing is usually an individual task but sometimes the teacher may also require that the students complete their academic essays in groups. Whatever the task may be students have to apply effective research and essay writing skills in the process of academic research essay writing.

Whatever the task may be students have to apply effective research and essay writing skills in the process of academic research essay writing.

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An applicant whose Bachelor's degree diploma does not contain an evaluation of the academic merits of her/his Bachelor's thesis (or another equivalent academic research essay) should supplement her/his application with a letter where the supervisor of the Bachelor's thesis evaluates the academic merits of the thesis, i.e., grades it. In case the applicants Bachelor's degree does not include a thesis (or another equivalent academic research essay), the applicant should include a recommendation later in which a representative from the University states the academic writing abilities of the applicant.

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