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Some students are very fond of filling in the pages without considering how much they should write so that the reader can get something out of it. What if your teacher assigned you to write a 1000 words essay; what will you do now? You should realize that essay writing is neither about the words nor pages; it is about the goal you seek to grab the attention of your audience. Pages & words serve you the guideline to write an essay.

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It takes only to try talking to students about 1000 word essays and you can observe an interesting, if not funny, psychological effect. It seems that the very sounding of “thousand words” makes students think it is a hard task. Big numbers tend to scare people regardless of what they actually represent. This article will show you that a 1000 word essay is the easiest type of academic papers and is certainly easier than short essay types.

1000 Words Essays: Let Us Turn to Numbers

It is no secret that word limit is a strict rule in the academic world: the skill of presenting your arguments in a clear and precise way is a part of your education. But what if the given space is just not enough to convey your opinion? Do you think a 1000 words essay is long? Ok, let us count!

Even in a , page length depends on several factors including the required citation style, font size, etc. But an average number of words on a page is 250-350. We have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. So, it yields just several sentences to present your arguments in an ordinary, less than 1000 words essay.

You think it is enough? Wrong! One of the major difficulties for most academic writers is to fit all their thoughts into thousand words.

1000 Words Essays: Speaking of Style

When it comes to writing, it is of utmost importance to make it stylish. Perhaps, it is one of those few academic paper types that focus on the style of written language rather than on research skills. With a 1000 words essay, you have no problems introducing some fine looking elements in your piece of writing. A rhetoric technique, a Latin quote, an interesting simile – only a 1000 words essay allows you these luxuries.

So, how long is a 1000 words essay?

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